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What type of pine is used in our furniture?

Did you know there are many types of pine wood used in furniture, some would say up to 16 different types.
Now you can imagine the cheaper the type of the pine, the more chances of getting problems with the pine furniture you buy for example: cracking. Some of these cheaper pine have given the pine furniture industry some bad credits in the past, we as De Beers Furniture therefore ensures we pick the best suppliers not taking chances with our pine furniture.

Our suppliers use an a-grade furniture grade in our furniture. For some sensitive parts they even use semi-clear grade pine. One of our pine furniture suppliers is the largest pine furniture supplier in the country.
They source their furniture grade timber from the Limpopo region and the Mpumalanga Lowveld.

All timber used is sourced from commercially established South African plantations. These plantations are managed to ISO9000 and/or ISO14000 standards and the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) systems. That means we are not just talking about being environmentally friendly, but they are playing an active role in our country’s environmental programme.